Victorian Energy Upgrade program

We are delighted to announce that Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating is an accredited provider within the Victorian Government Energy Upgrades program, which is incentivising households through a substantial discount off the cost of purchase & installation of high efficiency, reverse cycle air conditioners.

The aim of the program is to encourage the decommissioning of inefficient electric heaters and coolers, and gas heaters, and their replacement with more efficient split system models.

The Victorian Government is providing up to $3,000 in incentives per household for qualifying decommissioning & approved new systems.

Nortan can assist you to know if you qualify for the incentive, and then to choose the best unit for your home, order the system, and  finally install.  We will assist you every step on the way, and look forward to helping you achieve a better heating & cooling system, reducing your power bills, and contributing to our aim of reducing carbon emissions.

Act now by calling the friendly team at Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating on 1300 305 354 – the government incentives apply until 30/06/2024.

Read more about the government VEU program here.

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