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Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating was founded by Terry Byron in 2002.  Decades prior to this, Terry started in the trade within a small family heating and air conditioning business, designing, quoting & installing domestic & light commercial equipment.  The 1990’s saw a rapid growth in the industry with new installations prominent.  However, the late 1990’s early 2000’s saw the equipment that had been installed over the past 5-15 years require service/repair.

In the 2000s the heating and cooling industry moved rapidly into electronic controls in the equipment.  Terry identified a niche in servicing and repairs – ensuring that the owner of the equipment obtained the full value of the installed system.  Providing high quality service ultimately led to system upgrades, design, installation and maintenance.

2002 – Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating commenced operating from a base in Reservoir, Victoria with 3 employees.

2004 – The business expanded and moved to Doncaster East to provide a more central location for the growing customer base in Melbourne East, with 6 employees.

2006 – Further expansion led to a move to our current offices in Blackburn, where we support a team of 13 employees, and growing.

A deep knowledge and passion for the industry has ensured the growth of Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating.  Our growth has been fueled by:

  • Experienced technicians in both gas heating furnaces and refrigerated equipment.
  • Continual service delivery.
  • Customer retention, and our team supporting our growing clients.
  • Association with manufacturers supplying warranty services on HVAC equipment.
  • Executing on our values, and delivering value, including a large number of rectification works. addressing design and installation issues of both domestic and commercial systems.

Our customers will tell you that our services always address:

  • OH&S – ensuring that all heating and cooling units of customers are operating safely via mandatory safety checks.
  • Environment – ensuring that units which have negative impact on the environment are replaced in an appropriate timeframe, and only high star rating units are installed in their place.


After successfully providing heating and cooling service and installation services for many years to residential customers, Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating naturally expanded into the Office and Retail sectors, providing the same high-quality service to organisations such as RMIT University, The Reject Shop and Chiro Christian College Performing Arts Centre, just to name a few.

Nortan continues to be a family business, where the success of every customer callout is vital.  The team comprising electricians, refrigeration mechanics, plumbers, and mechanical plumbers, delivers services across Melbourne.  The Nortan team is continuing to grow, including expanding into other capital cities of Australia.

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