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Is your split system air conditioning unit keeping you warm in your home or office? If not, don’t suffer in silence.

A well-serviced split system may be the best solution to keep your family in comfort no matter the conditions outside!

When working properly, split system warm your home quickly when it’s cold outside, without excess noise and at an energy efficiency that saves you money by keeping the electricity bills reasonable. A reverse cycle split system air conditioner will also keep you cool in summer, with enough cooling and heating power for modern open plan houses. 

Most systems require minor repairs and maintenance throughout their life. For longevity – and to keep your electricity bills under control – we highly recommend you conduct regular servicing to avoid a complete breakdown and to reduce running costs.

Nortan’s experienced technicians will inspect your split system air conditioner and advise the best solution to any issues you are encountering. From a general split system service and clean, through to replacing a broken heat pump, our team can have your family back in comfort quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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Common Split System Repair tasks

Our split air conditioner repairs team are experienced with common repair tasks including:

  • replacing corroded wires, terminals or capacitors
  • replacing sensors
  • remote failure
  • inspection of the outdoor unit
  • cleaning or replacement of filters
  • a problem within the central unit, such as the fan
  • rectifying bad odours caused by common problems such as mould, fungi, dead animals or odours from outside which are bought in through the split system

Split System Air Conditioner Service in Melbourne

Nortan’s experienced technicians will inspect your split system air conditioner system and advise the best solution to any issues you are encountering. However, should your split system has finally had its day, we can arrange modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling system installation at competitive prices, with affordable installation cost and you can have your house temperature under control and filled with warm air again. As an independent service and repair provider, we are not tied to any brands and aim to help you maintain your system to perform for the longest lifespan possible.

Our air conditioning specialist team both supply and install air conditioning units from reputable brands with a manufacturing warranty on every air con unit, ensuring you will get the most value from the new system.

Our HVAC technicians are experienced in dealing with major brands including:

  • Daikin split systems
  • Fujitsu split systems
  • Mitsubishi split systems.

Normally, a new split system air conditioner installation can be completed within a day.

Next time you have issues with your newly installed system air conditioning unit or any other indoor units, contact us and we’ll get you back in comfort.


Located Across Melbourne Metro

Our team of technicians is strategically located across Melbourne, enabling us to provide a quick response to your air conditioning service needs. Check our Areas of Service Map to see the areas we cover most frequently.

If you can’t remember the last time your air conditioning system was serviced, it’s time to call the experts at Nortan. Schedule your service today to ensure efficient and reliable performance of your air conditioning system. 

12 Month Warranty

All new parts supplied and installed by Nortan are supported by a full 12-month warranty on all parts and labour.

Service & Repair

We take a 'repair first' approach - we won't throw out a perfectly good system that just needs a service and repair.

Safety Focus

We focus not only on the heating or cooling, but we also ensure the safety of your system via carbon monoxide testing & fire risk checks.

We service all brands

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