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Nortan Air Conditioning & Heating are regularly engaged to step in and provide repair and/or servicing of commercial HVAC equipment, or assist for specific issues experienced within the facility. 

The services we provide routinely include

  • Assessment of the efficiency of the HVAC unit, both in terms of the output and the energy usage.
  • Diagnosis of the cause of any issues in output and efficiency, including poor or damaged ductwork.
  • Repair or replacement of any malfunctioning systems, including procurement.
  • Air quality involving indoor air management to maximise the occupants’ production in commercial environments, gaming rooms, office spaces, workstations, classrooms, theatres, restaurants, hotels.
  • Monitoring.
  • Filter and equipment cleaning to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Safety check, including rectifying any safety issues.
  • Hydronic commissioning and pressure testing.
  • Hydronic power flush, maintenance, repair, renovation, replacement, design.
  • Gas line pressure testing for gas leaks.

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