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If it’s urgent, we’re onto it.  Call us now and we could be there within the hour.  TEL 1300 305 354 or complete the emergency air conditioning & heating repair form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Our technicians live in your area and they’re here to help.

Don’t try and plan it yourself.  That’s Nortan’s expertise so call us on 1300 305 354. We’ll consider your individual and family needs. Do you work from home? Are there large spaces to heat and cool?  Would you prefer personal and zoned heating?  Do you have asthma and allergy problems? 

Designing the right aircon and heating for your home is our forte, and we love providing you with solutions. 
That’s why our clients return time and time again.

Or you can choose from the options below and go it alone!!
– Split systems versus ducted systems.
– Vent and unit styles to match your décor.
– Energy efficiency, star rating systems, 
– Long warranty and spare parts considerations.

Or a phone call to us won’t do any harm.  1300 305 354.

Our technicians are based throughout Melbourne, which means we can visit you the same day. Our office is in Melbourne’s east but move on folks, there’s not much to see there.

That’s frustrating. Air conditioning and heating units are an investment in your quality of life. You want it to be right. But it’s a problem that Nortan can easily fix. 

Unfortunately, your ducts aren’t large enough in the furthest reaches of your home. Just call Nortan on 1300 305 354.  We can easily fix that problem, or help you to choose the right unit design in the first place. 

Closely followed by 
–    The Fan Doesn’t seem To Be Turning
–    There’s a Clunking Noise
–    The unit has been off all Spring and now it doesn’t work.

Our best advice – call us now – 1300 305 354. Seven days a week we’re helping people throughout Melbourne to fix problems with the clunky noises, vents, fans and broken buttons. Our expertise is air conditioning and heating, so why suffer through the frustration? 

Like your car or pool, air conditioners and heaters do require seasonal servicing. Ducts collect dust and pollen, mites and even little four legged critters.

The external air conditioning system itself may be clogged with leaf matter, hair, dust or feathers.  It’s unavoidable. Systems need to draw air in, and the debris surrounding your air conditioning or heating unit may be drawn in for the ride.

Nortan’s experienced technicians live locally and provide regular servicing that expands the life of your unit, keeps your power bills in check and your blood pressure down.

Nortan will identify and fix possible problems before they arise. You won’t neglect your car. So why neglect your air conditioning?

The latest heating and air conditioning units include environmentally friendly technologies.  Nortan’s staff will happily take you through the options that are kindest to our environment, without compromising on results. 

High efficiency gas furnaces and non-ozone depleting systems have replaced ozone depleting refrigerant models, which have directly contributed to global warming.  Nortan are regularly engaged to upgrade equipment from units containing fluorocarbons such as R22, to solutions using environmentally friendly refrigerants (R32 and R410a).

Ducted gas heaters and gas wall furnaces, gas space heaters, gas log fires all are able to produce carbon monoxide and create a dangerous situation inside the home or in a confined space. 

To avoid this dangerous situation occurring it is necessary to service the equipment and have a carbon monoxide test carried out every two years as per the energy safe Victoria recommendations

It is especially important in these current times when renovating or refurbishing homes that changes made to the property do not influence the gas appliance by restricting ventilation for combustion air or changes to the installation and flueing.

If you have a gas appliance and you are suffering symptoms that resemble those associated with carbon monoxide poisoning.

The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are:

dull headache
difficulty breathing

It is important that you shut off your gas appliance, open windows and doors and seek medical attention if required. Carbon monoxide can be detected in a blood sample for several days after exposure).  Do not use your heater until the system has been tested.

Important note:
Carbon monoxide is heavier then air and as a result a child or baby laying on the floor or seated at a low level in the room with a gas appliance operating may be affected by carbon monoxide from that appliance whilst it not be apparent to others in the room.  It is important to check on your child in this situation and preferably if you can put them in a cot up off the ground should you notice that they do fall asleep.

When changes are made to the seating, desk and wall positions within your commercial premises, installation of ductwork or grills may be required to achieve appropriate airflow, ventilation and temperature within the altered environment.

Recent research has shown that air quality has a significant impact on productivity of employees – read more.

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